July 23, 2014

Miss Franklin candidates

Nicole Forsyth (left) and Nereida Villegas (right)

By Amy Berg, Staff Writer

With the Catfish Derby Days, comes the crowning of the 2014 Miss Franklin. The crowning happens at the Variety Show on Friday, July 25 at 7:30 p.m., which takes place in the Cedar Mountain Elementary School.

This year there are two candidates vying for the crown. Both will display a talent at the Variety Show. Listed below is the candidates’ information.

Name: Nereida Villegas

Age: 16

Family Members: Parents-Juan and Leticia Villegas

Siblings-Cristal and Josefa

School Activities: FFA, basketball, volleyball, band

Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball, riding my horse

Employment: Fairfax Community Home and WoodDale Community Home

Future Plans: Go to college to become a nurse

Talent for the Show: Playing saxophone

Name: Nicole Forsyth

Age: 16

Family Members: Parents Missy and Kurt Forsyth

School Activities: Blood Drive committee, FFA, school play, band

Hobbies: Volleyball, softball, hanging out with friends, going to the lake

Employment: Runnings

Future Plans: College, not sure where

Talent for the Show: Photography

Good luck to both candidates!

Morgan holds special meeting

By Amy Berg, Staff Writer

A special meeting was held in Morgan on Tuesday, July 15 at 5 p.m. The purpose was to discuss the proposed park shelter project in Morgan.

Members of the Sportsman Club, Morgan City Council, and the Planning Commission were present.

The special meeting came about from discussion during the July city council meeting.

The Sportsman Club had proposed a new park shelter, which they would sponsor. They had submitted a picture of the proposed park shelter to the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission requested more information on the project, namely the specifics. They sought the measurements of the shelter and the proposed location in the park.

The City Council suggested replacing or remodeling the old park shelter, instead of building a second.

Check for updates on this project in the Morgan City Council reports in the Standard-Gazette & Messenger.

July 16, 2014

Morgan residents are

getting to enjoy pool updates!

Aidan Nelson and Blake Peterson caught a break from the heat, swimming in the Morgan City pool. The pool opened on June 25 after updates involving the converter were completed. (Staff photo by Char Carlson)

Fairfax City Council meets,

citizens voice concerns

By Amy Berg, Staff Writer

The Fairfax City Council held its regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 8. 

The heavy June rainfall and its effects on Fairfax residents was discussed at length. 

Resident Laurie Kaukola reported she had four feet of sewer backup in her basement during mid-June. 

The assessed damages were $15,749.58. Kaukola’s insurance will cover up to $3,000 of the cost. 

Kaukola inquired why her house had sewer backup, while her neighbors directly north and south of her residence did not. She stressed the idea that something must be wrong within the infrastructure for this to happen. This is the second time her house has had sewer backup.

Other Fairfax residents in attendance also voiced concerns about the issue.

Street Superintendent Eric Nelson reported the infrastructure to be working as it should, specifically the storm and sewage drains. Nelson said everything has been checked and is documented to be working correctly. 

With over 16 inches of rain, Nelson said the ground became oversaturated. Dependent upon certain factors, such as the type and age of a house’s foundation, problems like flooding would arise. 

Nelson used the example of a tornado or other natural disaster’s effects, in the sense that the city cannot control Mother Nature. 

Kaukola requested to have the city’s insurance cover her losses and to inspect the drainage system in the street near her residence.

The council verified that the assessor who inspected Kaukola’s basement will decide if the losses will be covered. 

For complete story see print edition